Beste Art - Paintings by Patrick Beste, Ashland, Oregon

Abstract Paintings
by Patrick Beste

Browse this gallery to review the paintings that exemplify Patrick Beste’s works: deeply textured paint with strong brush strokes using bold or muted, warm colors.

Though still strong in terms of the dynamic motion and color characteristic of Beste’s work, this collection consists of paintings with a touch of the ethereal to their overall feel.

With his florals, Patrick communicates the tenderness and joy found in the delicate things of nature. Softer textures and a riot of color accompany these paintings that celebrate the simple pleasures of life.

Meet the Artist

Patrick Beste is an award-winning artist who lives & paints in Ashland, Oregon.

His art reflects the beauty of the forests, rivers, and mountains surrounding his home and studio.

Beste has exhibited his paintings in multiple art galleries in Oregon and on both coasts. He uses primarily water media: acrylic, water color, and lasting acrylic ink on canvas and paper. Most of his works feature strong motion suggesting passionate emotion and elemental forces, with a range of style that includes strongly brushed, highly textural, sometimes geometric works with either bold or muted colors, softer watercolors with often surprising color palettes, and florals.

Portrait of artist Patrick Beste in his home studio, Ashland, Oregon

“A painting is more than just a two-dimensional representation of an object or idea. To me, a painting is an emotional experience, an image of a mood brought on by a feeling or a place. Oregon, and particularly the Rogue Valley, brings out the best of my emotions. I am happy here and my art reflects it.


As an artist, I am especially interested in expressing the harmony of movement, color, shapes and textures that I find in Oregon’s sky, ocean and forests. I hope you enjoy it.”


~ Patrick Beste


  • Art Presence Art Center, Jacksonville, OR
  • Sanja Gallery, Grants Pass, OR
  • Firehouse Gallery, Grants Pass, OR
  • Peninsular Fine Art Institute, Newport News, VA
  • Jacksonville Barn Company, Jacksonville, OR
  • Victorian Christmas Boutique, Jacksonville, OR
  • Gumbo Community Arts Experience, Ashland, OR
  • Jacksonville Celebrates the Arts, Jacksonville, OR
  • Artoberfest, Kerby, OR
  • Hanley Farms Art Day, Medford, OR
  • Edgy in October, Medford, OR
  • Medford Art and Sound, Medford, OR
  • US Bank, Ashland, OR
  • Weisinger’s Winery, Ashland, OR
  • First Friday Artwalk, Ashland, OR



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